The Center

The Center fosters a welcoming environment where everyone is celebrated for who they are. We offer the Polyamorous, Lesbian and Bisexual communities of  Las Vegas advocacy, health and wellness programs; arts, entertainment and cultural events; recovery, parenthood and family support services.

Welcome to Polyamorous PEACE! Our events are private and happening in the PEACE LLC Center .

If you wish to attend any of our upcoming events visit our web site and do fill out and application . If you are not already a member, please read our Member Expectations first.

Our requirements to joining are

1) A thoughtfully filled out profile (no one word answers)

2) An acceptable photo (including a privacy option)

3) Acknowledgement of reading our expectations. To Be over the age of 21

 Examples of past events include:

  • Connecting the Dots discussions on topics relevant to the polyamory lifestyle: Polyam 101, Dealing with Jealousy, Coming Out to the People in Our Lives, Negotiating Boundaries in Open Relationships, Safer Sex Info Session, Solo Polyamory, Customizing Our Relationships, Purging Mono-centric Thinking, etc.,
  • Polyam Movie Socials featuring mainstream films relevant to the polyam lifestyle inside PEACE Center.
  • Socials, Potlucks and Mix & Mingles,
  • Annual Speed Dating Event,
  • Monthly Game Nights,
  • Chocolate Crawls,
  • Nature Hikes
  • Participation in the Pride Parade,
  • Deweets Wohlsd  Workshops on Jealousy,
  • Julie Marcia W  Workshop of Being an Ally,
  • Briana Wrighour Workshop of Race and Polyamory,
  • Road Trips to relevant events such as the Poly Living Conference


The Center’s annual events are a time for celebration, joy, pride and connection. Your attendance and support helps make our work possible and furthers the connection that you have with the community.

Visit Events

  • Calendar of Events
  • Women’s Event


Find the ideal event and meeting space at The Center! We offer a range of rooms, outside areas and dance ,and with the support of our Event Production & Reservations team you’ll be sure to find the space to meet your event needs.

Center History

The Center has been a home and resource hub for the Polyamorous, Lesbian and Bisexual community, Las Vegas residents and visitors since our founding. We provide a place to connect and engage, find camaraderie and support, and celebrate the vibrancy and growth of our community.

Interested in learning more about The Center’s rich and diverse history? Visit our interactive timeline to experience the roles we have played in supporting and shaping our community.

The Center’s Hours

Weekly 10a.m. to 2am

Leadership & Staff

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The Center will hosts activities every year. View rooms, avail­ability, services and details on how to book for events and meetings at affordable prices.

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Your generosity helps The Center provide vital programs and services to support our evolving Polyamorous, Lesbian and Bisexual community. Learn how you can support our work today!